We’re a single point of contact for apprenticeships in the Humber

The Humber... It really is the place to be right now!

Even the Department of Culture thinks so, and this year it’s Hull’s turn to be the prestigious ‘City of Culture’.

So, we say the Humber is the perfect place to start and take a great step forward for your future with an apprenticeship and for employers to boost their business success. And HABS can make things easy!

Humber Apprenticeship Brokerage Service (or HABS, for short) can tell you everything you need to know about apprenticeships in the Humber. Don’t worry, though, we won’t drown you in industry jargon and information. Instead, ours is a simple, impartial and effective service with one aim: to connect apprentices, employers and training providers.

We’re a single point of contact for apprenticeships in the Humber.

Apprenticeships: What’s in it for me?


Am I right for an apprenticeship?


Apprenticeships: What are they?


Lloyd Tidder

Customer Services Apprentice

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Business Owner

Luke Sherwood

Construction Apprentice
Humber Local Enterprise Partnership
Humber Local Enterprise Partnership

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